Precast Panels and Affordable Housing

Square Apple deals in Precast Panels and Affordable Housing Construction. We handle Property Management and Real Estate Properties in Kenya. Our focus is to provide quality precast concrete panels and prime properties at rates that are affordable by majority of Kenyans. In addition we have a team of experts in building and construction, property management and real estate consultants.

Our affordable housing are mix of stone blocks for the foundation and concrete panels for the walling. Our prices are all inclusive of materials, transportation, labour and interior design. Your new home is complete and ready for occupation in 60 days! Stylish houses yet very affordable construction cost whether you are securing housing loan or not. Precast panels and affordable housing building materials are provided by us to build your low cost house. Make your order below.

Precast Concrete Panels and Low Cost Housing Construction

Precast Panels and Affordable Housing

Precast concrete panels lower building cost and prevent wastage of materials. They also allow faster building times throughout the year regardless of the weather. In conclusion, low cost housing projects in Kenya is an immediate necessity. The country has a rapidly growing population, majority of whom cannot afford expensive standard houses. This creates a need for low cost houses that have all the necessary utilities to sustain life.

Property Management

SquareApple undertakes management of both commercial and residential properties with a personalized approach. Our team comprises of highly skilled and most experienced property managers, caretakers, valuers, consultants and accountants. For instance, we take care of your commercial building needs from end-to-end.

Geogrids Fencing

Geogrid is your modern day affordable solution.  It is very long approximately 50 meters long and 4 meters wide. This squaregrid mesh is an affordable solution for perimeter fencing. This product is very long and does not corrode because it is made of very tough plastic. It is friendly to the environment since it controls soil erosion.