Low Cost Housing Construction

Low Cost Housing Construction cut across individual house, community development, corporations and non-profit housing organizations. Therefore, it enables more Kenyans to build houses at a lower cost. Similarly, it improves the rise in house ownership by individuals and families. By helping to develop, produce and manage low-cost affordable housing in Kenya.

Our affordable homes are made of mix of stone blocks for the foundation and concrete panels for the walling. Prices quoted are all inclusive of materials, transportation, labour and free interior design. Your new home is complete and ready for occupation in 60 days!!!

 Our portfolio includes our high-tech excavators that will escavate your foundation in a few hours. We also facilitate the transportation of materials to your site. If you do not have water on-site – you do not have to worry about water during the construction period, we have a towable water bowser to take care of water needs.Last but not least, we have a great team of labourers who will be onsite from start to finish of your project.

Square Apple Limited is a unique Low Cost Housing Construction contractor and, an in-house one-stop-shop contractor. We come to your site with our equipment with a great team and focus on your project to completion. We also use premium finishings and deliver a top-class house along with free interior design for our customers.

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  • Exterior made from concrete panels.
  • Interior subdivisions made with gypsum boards.
  • No plastering done.
  • Classic & high-end finishing.
  • Very short construction period of 30−60 days.

An advantage of using prefab housing over the traditional on-site housing is fast construction. The construction does not see the usual construction delays due to bad weather, and because the parts of a prefab home come pre-made, all that is required is assembling and hooking up the home to the needed utilities. Get Precast Concrete Panels and other prefab building materials from us to build your low cost house.

Precast Panels and Affordable Housing

Our Customer’s Feedback

Pet Paradise

An amazing dog hotel with grooming stations. 100 kennels made with concrete panels & geogrid square mesh for the dogs daytime play areas and an exercise speed running lane.