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A Leader in Low Cost Housing Solutions
Efficiently & consistently providing Low Cost Housing Construction Solutions as well as real estate services whilst maintaining high standards

Who We Are

Square Apple is a company involved in supplies and installation of Precast Concrete Wall Panels, Geogrid Fencing Square-Mesh, Low Cost Housing Solutions, Construction & Renovation Services and Construction Supplies.

Square Apple has a vast level of expertise and reputation for quality, integrity and timely service provision. Good people doing exceptional work. We believe that the quality of our products, shapes our relationship with our customers.

We are therefore committed to delivering through exceptional customer experiences, timely product delivery and top quality products foreach and every customer.


Affordable Housing Solutions

Our affordable homes are made of mix of stone blocks for the foundation and concrete panels for the walling. Construction is usually complete within 60 days! Stylish houses yet very affordable construction cost.

Our Solutions

Square Apple provides construction solutions for affordable housing in Kenya. We are a leading supplier of Precast Panels for affordable housing construction.

We handle the needs of our client’s diligently and achieve success by offering the best service. The commitment to excel ensures that every consultation is greatly upheld and reviewed with a view of giving the best and improving on the services already provided.

Precast Wall Panels

Precast Wall Panels from Square Apple are known for providing peak performance. Our Precast Wall Panels include weather-tight enclosures for maximum...
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Low Cost Housing Construction

Square Apple Limited is a unique Low Cost Housing Construction contractor and, an in-house one-stop-shop contractor. We come to your site...
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Geogrid Fencing

Geogrids is your modern day affordable solution since it is very long (Approx. 50 meters length and Approx 4 meters width/high)....
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Geo Sythentics

At Square Apple, we place a high responsibility on supplying Geo Sythentic Construction materials that help to protect the environment and...
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Construction & Renovation Services

At Square Apple we believe in giving our clients the best quality construction and renovation work at a competitive price point....
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Construction Supplies

From the initial briefing stage all the way through to final handover, our fully comprehensive trustworthy construction supplies service enables you...
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Our People

The Team

Square Apple is run by a team of dedicated and highly skilled and experienced professionals with a vast wealth of experience in an environment that encourages career growth, information and knowledge sharing and mutual support.

Training and Development

An integral part of our strategy, investment in human resource is one of the key areas that are geared towards generating and sustaining a competitive edge. Continuous training in upcoming technologies and practices ensure that we have the suitable and adequate human capital to respond comprehensively to strategic shifts.

A Leader in Low Cost Housing Solutions