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Geogrid Fencing

Geogrid Fencing

Geogrids is your modern day affordable solution since it is very long (Approx. 50 meters length and Approx 4 meters width/high). This squaregrid mesh is an affordable solution for perimeter fencing: take advantage of the nature of this product as it is very long, does not rot or corrode since it is made of very tough plastic.

It is friendly to the environment since it controls soil erosion. The squaregrid mesh is also used for poultry houses construction. The small mesh squares give a guarantee in poultry movement control. You will be able to have chicks and smaller size chicken, ducks or geese enjoy some sunshine within a controlled free range environment. Also very suitable to put in place a cover to protect the chick from eagle attacks and any other flying predators.

This mesh is also a fantastic solution to mitigate occurrences of pot holes on tarmacked roads. With professional engineering assessments, the mesh is placed to hold aggregate particles in place hence creating a mechanically stabilised layer with outstanding performance under traffic loading on the road.

The squaregrid mesh also support and hold soils during construction of gabions since such applications of retaining walls and earth embankments need a solution that has resistance to ‘creep’.

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